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Here's a look at a few of the style choices when considering making a hair appointment.

Notice, the Mega Mane doesn't have a particular hair style, instead, it shows a Mega head of hair. 

If your hair is big and thick in it's loose state, you MUST book the Mega Mane service.  The basic 2-hour services are not long enough to complete your hairstyle because of the density and/or length of your hair. 

Customized KCB Updo

Mega Mane

(If you have thick and/or long hair this is your service pick)


Faux Mohawk

KCB Swoop

Flat Twist Bun

(KCB Updo)


KCB Updo w/curls

(KCB Updo)


Two Strand Twists

Classic KCB Updo

Click on each tab to read the policies and procedures

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