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***Eliminate your Competition***









This class is a FULL eight (8) hour, intense, hands on, very descriptive, up close and personal training session.

The class is regularly $699 per person.  

I am offering an Early Bird special to you today until Christmas Day for...


ONLY $549!!!

A $150 discount with this Early Bird Special!

* Payments are nonrefundable. With the exception of if a class is cancelled. In that case ALL monies will be refunded.



Class Installment Plans:


The KCB Experience

In this portion of the course I make you familiar with who I am and what I do. I will share with you what I do and why I do what I do.

Marketing your Brand

How to make your brand a household name

Branding Strategies

Creating Client Engagement




Natural Hair 101

Proper Detangle Methods

Moisture Retention

Sealant Oils

Style Prepping

Trimming Curly Hair

Perfect Spiral Curls

Hair Prepping


Specific Techniques for certain hair textures

Product usage


Two Strand Twists

Styling Techniques

Product usage

End closures (the curl)


Infamous Flat Twist

Parting Techniques

Proper product usage

Moisture Retention

The Flat Twist Creation


The KCB Updo

How to Eliminate Frizz

Style Creation

Under braiding

Style Connections



There will be an open forum for discussions!

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